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Solicitation of Your Vote!

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I have an account at JPG Magazine. There are 3 photos there that I would to see get printed. Two of them you can vote on by making an account, the other photo is completely the Editor’s choice but having props and comments could only help him make the decision.

So Below are the 3 photos, click on the photos to be taken to the site where you can vote and comment.

Oh almost forgot; photos 1&3 are can be licensed, I have the property releases. Email me at

Thank You.


I have deleted my account at JPG Magazine. The images that were listed here can be licensed for like $1 at the following agencies, just click on the links to be taken to my portfolio:






Chabad Of Tufts University

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It’s been a while, let me update everyone on what has happened. Photoshelter did close down and my photos were removed. I pretty much stopped doing photography for work or fun. Mostly because my camera is messed up, And I didn’t send it in before the warranty ran out.

Anyway the holiday of Purim just passed by and I was asked by a friend to help the Rabbi at Tufts University with pictures.  So here are some of those photos for you:






To learn more about Chabad Of Tufts visit the link below:

Chabad Of Tufts University (Also serving the Somerville and Medford area)

To learn more about the Chabad movement in general visit:


SoHo Lab