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Chabad Of Tufts University

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It’s been a while, let me update everyone on what has happened. Photoshelter did close down and my photos were removed. I pretty much stopped doing photography for work or fun. Mostly because my camera is messed up, And I didn’t send it in before the warranty ran out.

Anyway the holiday of Purim just passed by and I was asked by a friend to help the Rabbi at Tufts University with pictures.  So here are some of those photos for you:






To learn more about Chabad Of Tufts visit the link below:

Chabad Of Tufts University (Also serving the Somerville and Medford area)

To learn more about the Chabad movement in general visit:


SoHo Lab

Thursday- May,8,2008

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Today I took pictures for…

It was a Birthday Party for a 12 year old boy who is in a wheelchair.

The NYPD and FDNY (70th Precinct and 309th ladder) were there

and really made the kid happy… Enjoy

The pictures are available at