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8 Tips for Shooting Extremely Wide Angles-Guest Post

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* Photo by me at the Veteran’s Day Parade in NYC.

Wide angle photography can be fun and challenging at the same time. On one hand, it’s great to pull in so much of a scene with a single shot. On the other hand, it can be difficult to produce a well composed photo at such a wide perspective. So I’ve pulled together a few photos and pieces of advice for shooting with wide angle lenses.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll consider anything at or below 30mm (full frame equiv) to be a wide angle.

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Profitable Pricing Strategy-Guest Post

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*A photo I took on the   last  day Astroland would be open.

A guest post by

How to make the most out of selling your photography:

When photographers turn pro, an important issue is how to price their products and services. Unfortunately, photographers are at the low end of the pay scale because they usually don’t apply standard marketing and business strategy when pricing their work.

The goal of this article is to give you advice that will let you earn what you are worth and at the same time, elevate the price positioning of the entire industry.

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Sunday- June,1,2008

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The Israeli Day Parade took place on Sunday,

the parade had an estimated 1,000,000 participants/spectators..

These are just some of the photos that I have…

Email me at if you would

like to use some of these or many other photos..


Edit: My photos of the parade are being and will be

used by:

1. HODS- Halachic (Jewish Law) Organ Donor Society

2. The July issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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More of Friday

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Due to the numerous (1) request for more

pictures from Friday I am posting some more…

Click on photos for larger view….

Friday- May,23,2008

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A rally took place in Queens on Friday celebrating

a Jewish holiday called Lag Baomer.

Click on the photos to see them in Large.

Monday- March,17,2008

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Alright finally people some good

stuff. Today was the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

in NYC and I was there. I got the best pictures

all at the end of the parade when everyone was

walking slower, the sun was out, and the cops weren’t there 🙂 .

Also I took out my Pentax 50mm 1.4 towards the end. A lot

of the pictures that would of been amazing are not that great because

of a problem focusing. Dave please DON’T shut up your the only one

that is posting comments, I hope you enjoy these.

There are a lot more pictures but it’s just too much

right now.











Please DO NOT use any of these photographs without

my permission. I can easily be reached at

Thank You