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Create Great Panning Photographs – Guest Post

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By Mr Din

By Mr Din

Panning is a photographic technique that provides great separation of subject from background.

The technique is very simple in theory, but takes some practice to perfect.

Here is how it works, you set your camera to a relatively low shutter speed.  Say 1/80 or 1/40 of a second. Next you find a subject that is moving from one side of the frame to the other. Here comes the tricky part. While keeping the subject in a fixed part of the frame (and you do that by panning the lens from side to side) click the shutter.

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Camp L’man Achai

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I spent my summer at Camp L’man Achai. L’man Achai is a camp made for non-religious Jewish kids, it’s mission is to give kids some knowledge about Judaism during their stay. For the first Month of Camp I was the Photographer (among other things).  For the month of August though I was a Counselor.

Here are some of the photos I took (more to come):

Lawn and Mountain View











For more info about Camp L’man Achai vist: The Camp Website

Portraits – Kids

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Where Do You Go When Your Photo Shoot is Rained Out?-Guest post

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*Photo by Me Ra Koh

Yep, you heard me. Under the freeway. You know, where all the ivy grows and black soot collects. Where random Taco Bell trash exists, and you wonder how it got there–then start to think about it–then shudder at your thoughts. Yep, that’s where we went. Ideal photo shoot location for a family with two boys under six? You wouldn’t think, but we went for it anyway! ;)

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In the NY POST

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So today my photo was printed in the New York Post without my permission, I originally took the photo for and for only, the editor of that website decided to just give away or sell (NY Post won’t tell me if they sold it for money) the shot.

The New York Post gave me no credit for the shot not in print or online, the online article has no photo credit.

Now before you say that I should go to editor and tell him to pay me, I tried. Either way legally the New York Post is liable because they are the publishers.


It should be noted that after contacting the NYP they apologized and agreed pay for the usage, thank you. Since then has  sold another one of my photos to another newspaper, I stopped working for them.


Posted on Friday- May,9,2008

Thursday- May,8,2008

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Today I took pictures for…

It was a Birthday Party for a 12 year old boy who is in a wheelchair.

The NYPD and FDNY (70th Precinct and 309th ladder) were there

and really made the kid happy… Enjoy

The pictures are available at