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Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Today Tuesday April,21,2009 is Yom Hashoah-Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is the day that people all around the world remember the 6 Million Jews and 5 million Non-Jews that were murdered and tortured  by the Nazis.

A couple of hours ago in Israel sirens blared for 2 minutes all around the country, people stopped walking,driving, and talking to honor the victims of the Holocaust.

Below is a collection of videos from youtube:


The following is a poem by Pamela Villars:

“We have mourned our losses –
tiers of stacked cord, bins of piled

clothes, worn and bloody soles.

We have recovered portions of history –

dairies, photos, Torah, art

remain without the souls that carried them.

We have refreshed our spirits.

We have renewed our families.

We have born new hope.

But we cannot replace who did not survive.”

Visit her blog to comment on her poem!

If you have a poem or letter (or just anything better than what I wrote) you would like me to publish, I will credit and link to your site,  just let me know by email:

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Finally A Website!

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For all my friends and clients, I have finally made a website.



Also you can now reach me at

Solicitation of Your Vote!

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I have an account at JPG Magazine. There are 3 photos there that I would to see get printed. Two of them you can vote on by making an account, the other photo is completely the Editor’s choice but having props and comments could only help him make the decision.

So Below are the 3 photos, click on the photos to be taken to the site where you can vote and comment.

Oh almost forgot; photos 1&3 are can be licensed, I have the property releases. Email me at

Thank You.


I have deleted my account at JPG Magazine. The images that were listed here can be licensed for like $1 at the following agencies, just click on the links to be taken to my portfolio:






Chabad Of Tufts University

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It’s been a while, let me update everyone on what has happened. Photoshelter did close down and my photos were removed. I pretty much stopped doing photography for work or fun. Mostly because my camera is messed up, And I didn’t send it in before the warranty ran out.

Anyway the holiday of Purim just passed by and I was asked by a friend to help the Rabbi at Tufts University with pictures.  So here are some of those photos for you:






To learn more about Chabad Of Tufts visit the link below:

Chabad Of Tufts University (Also serving the Somerville and Medford area)

To learn more about the Chabad movement in general visit:


SoHo Lab

Photos of Kosher Culinary Arts Graduation!

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The photos of the Center For Kosher Culinary Arts Banquet are now

available for Editorial sale on Photoshelter.

You can see and purchase the images here:

Photos Of Banquet On Photoshelter

Photos of Kosher Culinary Arts now for editorial sale…

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The photos of a class in the Center For Kosher Culinary Arts are now

available for Editorial sale on Photoshelter.

The images were taken last week and were now accpeted on

Photoshelter. There will be more images of the Banquet that happened tonight

added later on and will take time to be reviewed.

The photos can be purchased right here:


Sunday- June,1,2008

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The Israeli Day Parade took place on Sunday,

the parade had an estimated 1,000,000 participants/spectators..

These are just some of the photos that I have…

Email me at if you would

like to use some of these or many other photos..


Edit: My photos of the parade are being and will be

used by:

1. HODS- Halachic (Jewish Law) Organ Donor Society

2. The July issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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