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Create Great Panning Photographs – Guest Post

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By Mr Din

By Mr Din

Panning is a photographic technique that provides great separation of subject from background.

The technique is very simple in theory, but takes some practice to perfect.

Here is how it works, you set your camera to a relatively low shutter speed.  Say 1/80 or 1/40 of a second. Next you find a subject that is moving from one side of the frame to the other. Here comes the tricky part. While keeping the subject in a fixed part of the frame (and you do that by panning the lens from side to side) click the shutter.

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Why Are We So Compelled? – Guest Post

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© Alexey Arkhipov |

© Alexey Arkhipov |

Today’s typical photographer is a curious being. Cameras are cheap, computers are easy to use, and the Internet makes sharing photos so incredibly easy. So many people are into photography, but I’m willing to bet that over half of us don’t know why we do it or what we’re after.

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Three Great iPhone Apps For Photographers – Guest Post

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*Photo by Andreas Schaefer.

UPDATE: Coolest app added  (click on link at the end of post).

The iPhone (or THE iPhone) is gaining popularity fast with photographers. Well, it has an in-phone camera. That kinda means that you carry a camera whenever you go (admit it!! you carry your cell anywhere!!). See Chase Jarvis’s Twitpic iPhone pic stream for example. Just another argument to show that it is not the gear that makes you a good photographer.

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Pace Yourself – Guest Post

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Green animal

© Lars Christensen |

Here’s a quick piece of advice taken from an old fable: “Slow and steady wins the race

This moral, or saying, can be applied to many facets of photography (and everyday life). With advances in technology, things can get moving pretty quickly. New cameras and gear, faster rapid-fire, streamlined software, extended networks via the web, etc. It’s great to be able to get so much done in such a short amount of time, but this quickened pace can lead to burn-out with your photography.

Take some time to evaluate your photographic pace and identify any areas that need to be trimmed back a bit. Also look at the activities that you don’t seem to have time for, and figure out a way to adjust your schedule to make time.

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The Birth of War Time Photography-Guest Post

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It can be easy to forget how the world viewed things before photography. Until the invention of photography, wars were viewed as remote and rather exciting to the people at home far removed from the events taking place. Details of war were learned through delayed and biased news accounts or from returning soldiers. There were paintings and poems as well.

The British campaigns in the Crimean War of the 1850s were among the first to be extensively documented by photograph. This was a disastrous war for Great Britain.

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8 Tips for Shooting Extremely Wide Angles-Guest Post

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* Photo by me at the Veteran’s Day Parade in NYC.

Wide angle photography can be fun and challenging at the same time. On one hand, it’s great to pull in so much of a scene with a single shot. On the other hand, it can be difficult to produce a well composed photo at such a wide perspective. So I’ve pulled together a few photos and pieces of advice for shooting with wide angle lenses.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll consider anything at or below 30mm (full frame equiv) to be a wide angle.

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Photography Business: The Next Level-Guest Post

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This article was written by Tasha Schalk of Redwall Photo. Adapted with permission from

You know how to take great pictures, you get a lot of praise on Flickr and from friends and family, but what next? How do you market yourself as a photographer? How to do you start up a small business? Photography and marketing are two completely different talents, and it can be daunting to make the leap from amateur photographer to semi-professional. Below are a few steps that might make the transition a little easier.

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Profitable Pricing Strategy-Guest Post

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*A photo I took on the   last  day Astroland would be open.

A guest post by

How to make the most out of selling your photography:

When photographers turn pro, an important issue is how to price their products and services. Unfortunately, photographers are at the low end of the pay scale because they usually don’t apply standard marketing and business strategy when pricing their work.

The goal of this article is to give you advice that will let you earn what you are worth and at the same time, elevate the price positioning of the entire industry.

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Create your own Bokeh-Guest Post

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Photo from


Photo By Me

A guest post from-

Bokeh is an adaptation from a a Japanese word meaning blur. In photography this term is used to describe the quality of the areas in the picture which are not in focus.

When referring to Bokeh, we can distinguish some of it characteristics:

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Who Started The War on Photography?-Guest Post

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imgp4187*Illustration photo,by me.

An article by Scott Bourne

I’ve written about the war on photography extensively. I’ve commented on it on almost every photography forum that exists. But it occurred to me, I haven’t talked about, when it started; What started it; or Who started it? My research on this subject has led me to an inescapable conclusion that has no political motivation.

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