Some New Gear!

Well I got some cool new gear and it didn’t cost me much at all. Below you will find a video of me setting up all this for the first time and the direct links to the B&H website.

So what did I get?

Well most important I got monolights, I really needed lights so I can do normal white background shots and I want to try food shots too.

For only $199.95 I got so much!

B&H has it and it’s called the: Impact Two Monolight Kit-200 Total Watt/Seconds.

It comes with:

2 Monolights  – 2 Softboxes – 2 back stands – 1 carry bag – 1 umbrella – and 1 pc sync cord (15ft) though mine came with 2 pc sync cords, maybe it was on purpose.

Check it out right here, a really awesome deal:


I also got a Savage Economy Background Stand $64.95 with the Savage 53″ by 12 yards Super White $24.95 paper roll. Great deal too.

With all this I also added the super handy Gaffer Tape $4.50 and the Hama Hot Shoe Adapter $19.95 to go with the pc sync cord that comes with the light kit. You will need it if your camera doesn’t have a PC SYNC socket. Note: The PC SYNC cord only attaches to one flash since the 2nd will fire automatically when the 1st is triggered.

In total with tax it was $337.37. That’s really not much for all the things I got. Oh and a piece of advice: If your in NYC don’t try and take the train after buying all this 🙂 .

Enjoy the video below of me setting this all up for the first time, as you can see on the right one monolight is already set-up. That’s because I decided to shoot the video after I finished it, hehe.

And when I use all this gear on a job I’ll be sure to take a video of that too.


3 Responses to “Some New Gear!”

  1. waiting to see some photos with this new gear. it might be a good idea for me as well to get some gear like this.

  2. […] Okay for some background please visit this post: Some New Gear! […]

  3. […] Okay for some background please visit this post: Some New Gear! […]

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