Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day


Today Tuesday April,21,2009 is Yom Hashoah-Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is the day that people all around the world remember the 6 Million Jews and 5 million Non-Jews that were murdered and tortured  by the Nazis.

A couple of hours ago in Israel sirens blared for 2 minutes all around the country, people stopped walking,driving, and talking to honor the victims of the Holocaust.

Below is a collection of videos from youtube:


The following is a poem by Pamela Villars:

“We have mourned our losses –
tiers of stacked cord, bins of piled

clothes, worn and bloody soles.

We have recovered portions of history –

dairies, photos, Torah, art

remain without the souls that carried them.

We have refreshed our spirits.

We have renewed our families.

We have born new hope.

But we cannot replace who did not survive.”

Visit her blog to comment on her poem!

If you have a poem or letter (or just anything better than what I wrote) you would like me to publish, I will credit and link to your site,  just let me know by email: info@photographybyrafi.com

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One Response to “Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day”

  1. Thank you for the honor, RaFi. Your photo is moving and a perfect reminder.

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