When the media steals your photos?-Guest post

The story of a photographer whose photos went astray – and got re-published by one of the UK’s biggest newspapers without permission:

There’s something really difficult about looking after your copyright on the internet. Every single word I’ve ever typed in this blog, for example, is duplicated at least a couple of times around the web. The problem is that words are easy to find. Pictures, on the other hand, are a different tumbler of guppies… As Maciej Dakowicz found out, when his photographs suddenly surfaced on the Telegraph’s online edition…

Read the rest of this story at Photocritic.org….

(This story was reprinted with permission from Photocritic.org)

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2 Responses to “When the media steals your photos?-Guest post”

  1. I find it surprising that these large publishers would risk the legal implications. Maybe some editor had fallen asleep, but they should fix this. If a blogger steals their content, they send an army of lawyers.

  2. In the rest of the post (photocritic.org) he sent them a bill and they paid.
    The case with my photo is a bit more complicated.

    But yeah the New York Post’s refusal to pay me a immature.

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