Shopping List!


For the past 2 years I have been taking some good shots and have done some small jobs with outdated equipment which was minimal to begin with.

So I have finally compiled a shopping list which I cannot afford, slowly though I may have it all.

Let the list begin:

Pentax K20D (camera body) = $ 669.95

Pentax Battery Grip = $129.95

Pentax Rechargeable Battery = $39.95

Pentax Telephoto SMCP-DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 = $749.95

Hoya 67mm UV Filer = $22.35

Pentax K20D Camera Armor = $29.95

Lowerpro Flipside 200 Backpack = $59.95

Total* = $1702.05

* All prices are based on B&H Photo’s current listings, except for the Camera Armor. Please note that you can click on items and be taken straight to the B&H website.

Yeah it might take a while to get all this, but I’m staying optimistic.

Click below for the B&H Website:


4 Responses to “Shopping List!”

  1. Nice setup. Mine is on the way. Don’t forget a new field bag that can accommodate the camera with the battery grip installed…

    Not that it’ll impact the total price much, but for the cheap and adventurous, you can pick up a four rechargeable Konica Minolta NP-400 batteries for one Pentax branded one. Granted the Pentax one is 1620mAh vs. 1500mAh, you get FOUR of them and they’re confirmed compatible with the battery grip 🙂

  2. Ah of course the bag… I have a backpack now but it can’t fit this new kit, I will add it to the list soon.

    I’d change the battery if you can find the link in B&H, I looked but couldn’t find one for Pentax.

    By the way…I also need a charger right?

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