Solicitation of Your Vote!


I have an account at JPG Magazine. There are 3 photos there that I would to see get printed. Two of them you can vote on by making an account, the other photo is completely the Editor’s choice but having props and comments could only help him make the decision.

So Below are the 3 photos, click on the photos to be taken to the site where you can vote and comment.

Oh almost forgot; photos 1&3 are can be licensed, I have the property releases. Email me at

Thank You.


I have deleted my account at JPG Magazine. The images that were listed here can be licensed for like $1 at the following agencies, just click on the links to be taken to my portfolio:






2 Responses to “Solicitation of Your Vote!”

  1. shmuliphoto Says:

    Great shot, i love the DOF on the book, yup we all love a F1.4! the sunset is also amazin

  2. Thanks Shmuli. I suggest you sign up to JPG Mag, it’s a good place to show your work and get feedback.

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