Center For Kosher Culinary Arts!

There is only one school of it’s kind in the U.S. A cooking school where everything

is kosher. This school sits in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, on

Coney Island Ave. The school now offers a degree backed by Kingsborugh Community


I took photos for them in the past but I was never happy with the lighting,

my camera,and I. But yesterday after a long time of not shooting for them, I went there

hoping I would provide good photos. Well I surprised myself, now using my Pentax 50mm 1.4

the lighting was great. I adjusted my white balance for the ORANGE walls (nice though) and

the photos that came out were great.

I have submitted the photos to Photoshelter so that the press

that may want to write a piece on this school can conveniently buy them,

it will take a couple days though for them to be reviewed.

Below you will see just a tiny bit of the photos.

Interested in buying…..(EDITORIAL ONLY)

You can either wait for them to be accepted into Photoshelter

or contact me at


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